new binding…

Karin over at a view beyond words posted a binding tutorial, of course you know I had to try it right away! Even if you have never made a book in your life you will find this binding elegant and unbelievably simple, so a BIG THANK YOU to Karin for sharing! So I used the binding on some of my little scratch note pads, I made a cord by braiding three colours of wool and then since my interior pages weren’t card stock like Karin’s I bound them in little stacks (they are heavier than text weight however). The covers are decorated with this great German book I picked up at a thrift for a quarter, then I applied acrylic transfers over the top. I decided to just keep them simple as I liked the graphic quality of the transfer on the beautifully aged colour of the paper from the book. I loved how the first little one turned out so much that I decided to make a second similar one, just a little larger. I haven’t quite finished it, as I need to add a charm and finish the cords properly.

I was so happy with how these turned out that I made one more with much thinner thread, just to see the result, so it is the little pad on the right in this image. The one on the left features a travel themed tag along with those great map illustrations!!

I find I can’t stop making tags after the tag swap! See here are two more

11 thoughts on “new binding…

  1. Yeah!! That looks great Deb – those turned out just great? Thanks for sharing my tutorials with others. It is a simple binding, isn’t it?! xo K

  2. i like these deb, its a clean look. meaning..sometimes those old pages can look dirty to me ( i suppose like my rusty stuff looks to people?)…so i’m liking this light/spring feel to your little books. of course who doesn’t love insects on paper????

    • I love the colour of this old paper, it is a little over exposed in the picture, really it is a deep butterscotch, really pretty with the graphic black!

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