still so busy

I thought with leaving my second (non-teaching) job that I would have more time to keep in touch online, but it seems this is not so! So here’s the skinny on what I have been up to

Firstly a big huge enormous thanks to Seth over at the Altered Page for my first mention in a national magazine, yep, there’s my name on pg 44 of this month’s Cloth Paper Scissors, my class will be thrilled when they find out!

Secondly, today was the beginning of Andy Goldsworthy week in my 3D design class. This is my favorite week of the whole year, because I get to take my jaded college students outside to play. If you are interested in what we made, head over to the ivory tower to see the slide show! Here’s some images of what I tried to do, although it was sunny, it was also windy…

Lastly I have been working in the studio, which is why I’m too busy to post here, so here are some pics of some very small collage pieces…

10 thoughts on “still so busy

  1. oh i like the one of yours with the number 23 on it.
    cool to see the andy G type work too.
    yeah dont you know that thing about the universe abhoring a vacuum? you open up space or time only to have it filled up again. i never have time and what do i REALLY do???? no kids/family/house/job/responsibility. yet i have every minute of my day filled with art related stuff.
    glad you are enjoying it all…its a good time of year!

  2. Paula, ain’t it the truth! Actually as you know I’ve been spring cleaning, I really love my house when it is clean and clutter free (about 2 seconds in a world of teenagers). The No. 23 was a hard slog, I loved that type, but then I got stuck, I think it turned out really nicely, I’m glad you liked it too!

  3. congrats on your publishing!
    I love Andy Goldsworthy – the slide show is great. I especially like the piece with inset stones in the tree. great idea! and lastly, your collages are very cool. This is a fun and full post 🙂

  4. Karin, I know it was kind of a lot all at once! So thanks for reading all the way through! I just really don’t seem to have a whole lot of time again…

  5. You are surely blessed beyond description to be engaged in an “Andy Goldsworthy” class! What you have created with this tree is exquisite …

    I just found your wee note on my blog … Our computer crashed — totally croaked four days ago so we have been scrambling to get a new system … I’m on a huge learning curve ;-D

    Keep us posted re: this fantastic class you’re taking … and thank you for linking my blog.

  6. Seth, thanks for being a great orchestrator!! Glad you like the work, looking forward to this weekends book guild:)

  7. Wow Deb- #44. Way to go and how wonderful for you to have your Disco works in print. Super congrats! Wonderful collages- especially what looks like road map streets, wonderful stitching and those words in the background! Just great!

  8. Jill, I’m glad the students got a mention and that people have been checking out their work on the blog:) Glad you like the new collages, I like these smaller ones much better, and as always, thanks for stopping by and supporting my new life:)

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