and back in the saddle…

I was so upset yesterday I decided to just go into the studio and start on some of that “BIG” work that has been calling me, and I had a very messy and productive time, and worked myself to utter exhaustion and out of my funk (with a little help from Paula who made me start wondering why I think art should be hard work/not easy…). Of course no pictures, too early for that, but I am feeling better days ahead, and with the workshop this weekend with Caroll Michels maybe I’ll be in much better shape come Monday. Here’s hoping!

5 thoughts on “and back in the saddle…

  1. well…i’m not saying it SHOULD be easy all the time 🙂 we wouldn’t learn anything then would we? i love hearing that you worked yourself into an utter exhaustion. AND out of your funk? really? you go crazy this weekend woman and have fun.

  2. Paula, as always you totally rock friend!! I am excited about the possibilities for the weekend, hopefully it will get me on a more professional tack.

  3. I have been so curious about the “suffering artist”. DOES it have to be hard to be good? Is it possible to create “Real Art” out of joy, rather than out of pain? (Tee hee… fun to philosophize… we’ll have to do more of this around the campfire this weekend.)

    • I think NOT, but what do I know, perhaps we are just attracted to suffering? Let’s talk about it over a campfire, that will be more fun!!

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