best practices

So, no secret, we all know that I left a perfectly good job during a economic downturn, to pursue my art more fully. I fully expected that it would be an incredibly bumpy ride, and so far I think roller coaster would be pretty accurate! This past weekend I went to a professional development seminar with Caroll Michels which was really helpful to me.

Before I went to the workshop I spent sometime on Caroll’s website which has a huge number of useful links and a bounty of free information, and then I went over to Amazon to order some books (a mother’s day present from my family). I wanted to be prepared to build on my energy and enthusiasm when I got home, before it dissipated and got swallowed up by life with a house full of teens, prom, graduation, kid coming back from college, final exams and marking, etc, etc.

I am a Capricorn, order makes me happy, as do to-do lists, calendars, sticky notes… well you get the idea! For some reason, best known only to my monkey mind, I thought none of these skills belonged in my art life, duh! I am sometimes so thick!! Fortunately the workshop helped me see the error in my thinking, and also altered my mind set about setting goals, especially ones involving money!

During the course of the last few days I have realised that while I absolutely want to continue to pursue my gallery instalations and large works, I also really want to be able to help send my son to a good school, and I need to sit down and plan how I am going to make and sell enough small works to add that $20, 000 a year to our income so that I can do that. I am finally OK with the idea that both activities are art and it is OK to want to make some money. This may sound like a no-brainer to many of you, but it was a revelation to me!

So here’s the most useful (to me) of the books I ordered this weekend, in addition to Caroll Michels’ own book.  I have obviously only flicked through them, but both really speak to me in a way that I know will make it possible for me to work with them ( I suspect it may be because they both have lots of pictures!) Perhaps one will work for some of you too!! I hope that you are all so accomplished that you don’t even need these baby step primers the way I do, but anyway, here they are!!

I am hoping that by sharing this I will stay motivated and feel a tinsy bit accountable to keep going on this journey, and to share it with you as I grow!

11 thoughts on “best practices

  1. i have no doubt you will accomplish what you set out to deb. glad you found some motivation and are getting things in order for that brain 🙂
    i can’t wait to see how the larger installation work comes into being.

    • I’ll be sharing what I get out of the books, so stay tuned, maybe you can avoid having to buy them yourself! We should really have a creative book exchange one of these days!!

  2. You KNOW I’m going to want to borrow those books when you are ready to let them out of your sight for a bit… I promise to give them back…

  3. Thanks for sharing your resources. I’ve been feeling like I need to be more focused with intent for my work – to have some specific goals for my work as work rather than simply personal expression. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to be that professional artist I was, showing regularly, selling well, etc, but I’d like to revisit her! I wish we lived closer, to meet regularly and be accountability partners 🙂 but I’m sure a motivated organized Capricorn will come through well!!

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