paper swap – crazy for colours

LaWendula has been at it again…. this month’s swap was colour and I was paired up with Eliza in Poland. Not only was the envelope amazing (my postman is enjoying the all  international mail!!) but she had thoughtfully divided up the contents into 4 separate envelopes, and there was art for me inside too! the circle at the top of this picture…

Black and white above, and these fabulous shades of turquoise and blue

Brown, one of my favorites as you all know, and purple, my current obsession….

Again I am so blessed, what fabulous colour, what amazing treasures, I am anxious to get to work with this paper! Unfortunately it is an even busier than usual week for me, my son is taking his driving test, hoping he passes so he can drive himself to his senior prom,(which is this weekend),  plus it is finals week at the college where I teach, and the open studio tour is this weekend, so lots of pricing, inventory and other work to do to get ready for that. Also I need to pick up work from one exhibition, and drop off work for another, both in different cities in opposite directions from one another, plus all the distractions of normal life, along with a sick child… phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!!!

I am so glad that I took a little time out to head into the woods this weekend with Jen and other friends to relax. Backpacking reduces me to essentials, one book, one sketchbook, one pen, and reminds me to slow down and simplify. I just loved the complexity of this big tangle of branches. I’m sure Jen will post something on her blog, and the pictures will be so much better than mine. It was hard to walk back out and return to my house full of extra furniture/clothes/stuff and all the chaos of welcoming my oldest daughter back home from college briefly before she heads out for her internship in a few short weeks at Burda Style in NYC. (If anyone reading this blog lives there and would be up for a coffee with her sometime, please let me know, she is a little nervous about heading out to the big city…)

I am continuing my work with the creative entrepreneur and I am making some startling discoveries about myself and my work, which hopefully I will have time to share soon… until then I am off to the whirlwind that is my life this week. Hope yours is a good one!

6 thoughts on “paper swap – crazy for colours

  1. wow, you are up to your eyeballs woman, no wonder you needed a walk in the woods. Good for the soul, yes! I would feel the same about the tangle of branches.

    How do you keep up with it all, phew!

    sending a BIG hi
    love corrine

    • Lisa, thanks for stopping by, and for your support. I used something from your paper swap in the studio this week, if I get time, I’ll take a pic later today 🙂

  2. What a great collection of color. LaWendula’s swaps are the best. And your trip to the woods with Jen looks like it was just what the doctor ordered!

    • Yep, that trip to the woods is the only thing keeping me sane this week as I gear up for my open studio this weekend! Thanks for stopping by

  3. Wow, love the way your colors were divided up by Eliza and such a fabulous collection. I was so lucky to be in a “LaWendula” exchange with Eliza too. Just the best!! I used her papers in many of my works as well. Write me- i will be more than happy to see your daughter in NYC – will look forward to it!!

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