road to recovery

Today I am doing a fairly reasonable impression of being alive after a week of Bronchitis which has pretty much confined me to bed. Last night I ventured out to Allegheny to teach the first of my bookmaking classes at CAPS. It went really well, a very small class, so it was easy to get a lot done! That is really about the sum of my accomplishments since last I was here! I did finish a couple of small collage pieces and experimented with some ideas for the bookmaking class, but most days I have been too exhausted to even read. Bah! Oh well, c’est la vie… Hoping to feel much better here in a few days, then I imagine I’ll be running again at full steam!! Until then, here are those collages…

9 thoughts on “road to recovery

  1. thanks Jill, I was thinking of you this morning as we wind up all the details, my oldest heads out to NYC Sunday morning, she opted to fly in with a friend, which saves me a long drive, but means I won’t get to meet you in person 😦 However I really want to see the Bontecou show at MOMA so I am hoping to fit in a trip before she comes home… maybe we can meet then 🙂

    • lindsey, hope life is treating you well,upstate is easy to love in the spring and summer!! thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Seth, Caterina, feeling just about well enough to be bored, but not well enough to really get anything done! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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