running ahead

I am bad at being sick, I cannot be still long enough to get well. Today much to my annoyance I have fallen a sleep for hours twice. I have things to do, my mind runs on ahead, my body doesn’t want to play. I am humbled by Karin who is working even tho she has cancer, and I cannot focus even on a novel… bah! I am cross and out of sorts, I have been dreaming about a new piece I started in the studio, but don’t seem to be able to get upstairs to get any work done, conserving all my energy for teaching tomorrow. Going grumpily to bed.

2 thoughts on “running ahead

  1. Well, as you were sick you found my blog and I am grateful. Nice to meet you I love your work too, and ‘wordpress ‘ is so stylish!
    I am not sure about the ipad touch as I don’t really know what it is!
    I’ve looked at the ipad touch spec and it would fit but there might be a bi of room left.Its just a matter of 4 millimetres.(Which are tiny!)
    I have a sale this weekend and may sell one or two but after that i’m puting them in the etsy shop.
    Hope you get better soon.

  2. well, now I don’t feel bad about not calling on monday! i pretty much slept the afternoon away myself. feeling sick is feeling sick, no matter what the cause, and with all you’ve been doing, and how busy you’ve been, i’m not surprised your system needed to reboot!
    I think i’m pulling myself out of my funk, and i hope you’re feeling better – i’ll try to call tomorrow!!
    xox K

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