an angel for courage

I am working on a rather unusual commission right now, a colleague of mine from the college where I teach wanted a kick-ass angel as a gift for her sister who is going through a rough patch, an angel to take on all comers and take them out, run interference! I am in two minds as to whether I should post pictures as some of you might find her a little offensive, think combat boots and M-16’s. But I am having a lot of fun making her, I can think of several people I know who could use one, I may have to make a few more… my own army of avenging angels supporting the sisterhood and bringing us all courage!!!

6 thoughts on “an angel for courage

    • I looked at your blog, I like your work, but I am not sure if you mean me, although I have been working with that story recently, but haven’t shown near where you live, so I don’t know?

  1. I bet you I would like it, no, correction, I bet I would LOVE it.
    As Paula said, hell yes we was pictures, we want pictures lol!

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