last paper swap till autumn

LaWendula wisely decided that we paper swappers should take the summer off… so here is the last paper swap for a while. This month I was actually matched with her, and the theme was art mistakes! here’s what I sent her, notice how I made sure you can’t really see anything!!!

and here’s what I just received today in return, everything is too beautiful to be called a mistake 🙂

The Avenging angel is done and dusted and off to her new home. I decided to go with the halo and wings, mainly because I liked the added dimension. So here is a new picture of her top half

teaching continues, speaking of which, I made a mistake during a class demo and sewed a set of signatures into a journal upside down, since I can’t sell it that way, and I don’t want to undo the whole thing, I decided to give it away, so leave a comment here, or at my other blog by June 25th and you could win this adorable little book.  Finally school is over for both my still-at-home kids. Yea! Summer!! Looking forward to much time in the studio, and new work that may be finished enough pretty soon to post… have a great afternoon.

2 thoughts on “last paper swap till autumn

  1. Hi Deb, glad you like yours and all arrived safe and sound.
    Looking forward to get your stuff- looks like much inspiration!

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