work in progress…

I am still trying to find my rhythm for how working in the studio will happen now summer has loosened all my ties to the world of work and I am free to create whenever. I have been busy making lots of books, largely because I am teaching two bookbinding classes and so that is where my head is at right now. Here are some little buttonhole bindings I finished early this morning. I don’t usually work like this, making lots of one thing at a time, but of course as far as making books to sell at upcoming art festivals, this is a much quicker and more efficient way of working…

buttonhole bindings are one of my favorites, I love exposed spines!!

this is my personal favorite of this bunch, the cover is the bag from the small press book fair I went to earlier in the year, the interior pages are recycled from an old encyclopedia… you know me, i LOVE recycled paper pages, the text inside is partially obscured by this old typing paper that is semi translucent!

I have also been hard at work on some bigger projects, none of which are finished, but here’s a sneak peek at two of them

this is a very large mixed media canvas, about 3×4. I started it years ago, then put it aside because I couldn’t figure it out, now I am back at work on it…

this is smaller, but dear to my heart, notice the yellow wallpaper is BAAAACK! More to come on both of these…

On the home front tonight is my son’s baccalaureate and tomorrow is his graduation! Another one all “growed up”!! Teaching tonight, so back to work… happy Thursday everyone!

8 thoughts on “work in progress…

  1. These books are really beautiful..I love the exposed bindings too, the subtle line/form, the graphics that come through…the covers are great…so, it’s gotta be the Audubon Festival, and what is the other one that you’re doing?

  2. hey thanks one and all… glad you liked the books, and I am excited to finally be making some work of my own again, stay tuned…

  3. congratulations to your son! where does the time go? and many loud hoorays over here for the return of the yellow wallpaper. kudos to your daughter in nyc as well. i love her senior line.


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