Thanks to everyone who called or emailed, I needed your friendly voices as it has been a difficult week. There is always a sense of loss when a big project ends, plus the whole financial situation is getting me down. Today I regret leaping as the unpaid bills mount up. I am trying to be optimistic and believe but it is a stretch. In an effort to chase away the blues I spent the afternoon making graduation gifts. Some pretty, inspirational things for my son’s friends,  but I borrowed a little time for my next big project, here’s a peek

6 thoughts on “tree-book-tree

  1. you are calling MY work bizarre!! talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! LOL. It does make sense tho? I thought it did… but I am questioning my judgment a little this week, as in maybe I don’t have any!!

  2. Hi:) I am still here, admiring your efforts to make a living as an artist and let go of a more secure world. I’m reading of your trials and success and proud mama moments. Still here, just busy and my son’s been unwell. Thank goodness for ‘direct to inbox’ news feeds. Be well, don’t worry and YAY for the return of yellow wall paper and women who won’t quit speaking to your artist soul.

  3. Lisa, I have been reading your blog, actually I was catching up last night. It is hard when the little ones are sick, life becomes all about them, as it should. Thanks for taking a second to encourage me tho, I appreciate it!!

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