home again, home again, jiggerty jig

so… art festival over for this weekend, grad party safely past, house looks like a bomb hit it and even  though I KNOW that consuming sugar will inevitably result in a crash later I am eating left over candy from the party and enjoying the experience of surfing the web on the 52″ TV the boys rented for the party!

The weekend was exhausting, I did actually sell a lot of small works, but no big ticket pieces, which was disappointing. Like many of you I am always amazed by what sells… there is one book in particular I am thinking of, I swear everyone who walked into my booth picked it up, but it remained unsold at the end of the weekend. These things are a mystery to me, and things I put out just for fun, thinking to myself that they will never sell, for example the little book I made from my son’s shorts tag, sold almost immediately, which just brings home to me the truth of making what strikes my fancy, those things seem to sell, and not trying to second guess my market/audience. It reinforces the idea that I should just do the work and eventually it will make sense and arrive at the right place. It is of course easier to say this today because there is money in my bank account!! It has been a difficult summer full of doubts and second guessing.

I am very lucky to have great supportive friends, a package arrived today from Karin, who ought to be spending all her time taking care of her own body and instead found time to think about my shaky mind and sent me a book I had wanted to read, which I will share more about later perhaps, and some fun things to play with. And of course Paula who despite “knowing” me for sometime now still seems to be laboring under the delusion that I am a great artist, for which I am extremely thankful as she kicks me in the butt and encourages me when I am down, and again has so much going on in her own life and still finds time for me. They are only two of many, this year has been so amazing, meeting artist from all over the world through the paper swaps, and the inspiration the materials have generated in my studio time. And of course so many people in my day to day life, Jen and the rest of the LASSes, my neighbors, my long suffering hubby and my children.

Chelsea was featured on Burda Style’s website again today, you can see what she has been up to here, although she will probably be mad for sharing what she thinks is not a great picture of her, but she is so beautiful she always looks amazing!! I am proud of the resourceful and creative young woman she has become!

Lastly I wanted to share this link to an article about the nature and value of creativity. and now I suppose I will go clean the house, reality calls…

7 thoughts on “home again, home again, jiggerty jig

  1. love hearing you had lots of small sales, and you sound good despite being tired and having all those thoughts clogging up your head already. wise words for us all about making work you want to make and stop 2nd guessing.
    good to see a picture and knowing you are out there 🙂
    i like my delusions….

  2. Hey there Deb,
    glad your package arrives and that you had some decent sales this weekend, if not the big tickets. Yes, it’s so true – do what you love, it will speak to an audience – somewhere, at some point!!

    I am settling in to my hotel room and have day one done, so it looks like we’re both going to start to find our “groovin’ rhythm” here soon! Now, staying awake through it is another story…! happy cleaning – and enjoy that 52″ behemoth while you can!! (sounds impressive! I can only imagine how cool some blogs would look that huge!!)
    talk soon, xox K

    • I have actually wasted an entire evening going and looking at everyone’s art on the huge screen, honestly it is almost too big to even see properly! Of course it is not really wasted time, but wow! the art looks incredible (it is also HD). Glad you made it through day one, and I am looking forward to having time to plot and scheme with you sometime soon. Be well friend, I am pulling for you. And thank you so much, the book is already helping SO much!

  3. Can really relate to making stuff that appeals to you without an eye on the ‘market’ I’m convinced it cramps one’s style! Some sales must be heartening and spur you on. Lesley

  4. my breakfast of champions this morning – hot tamales and hershey kisses! your daughter is beautiful. and that dress – yummy! btw, i am loving my upside down book. the binding is exquisite. a thousand thank you’s. chin up. sending you lots of wishes and good thoughts to guide you through the rest of your week.


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