fall cleaning

OK I know it is NOT fall yet, but I am busy cleaning the house to get ready for back to school when my life will once again become insane. I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed. Chelsea will be home from NYC on Friday, 8 weeks has flown by! I have to admit that the cleaning began because of Paula and a comment about dusting… its a long story, but it guilt-ed me into doing some (dusting), which snowballed into a crazy house cleaning extravaganza! Today I am cleaning out my closets and heading out to the second chances store with a donation, try not to faint but I have even purged my bookshelves!!

On Monday I went to the Audubon Sanctuary with a group of individuals from Aspire. The great artist who works there, Sara and I took them on a bug’s view walk using kaleidoscopes and them we made nature related collages in the style of Jacob Hashimoto but in a much simpler way. It was a great morning, full of laughter, nature and art, what more could you ask for??

Also I have been busy reading, I just finished Scrapbook by Roland Penrose. I had never heard of him, but he was great friends with artists like Man Ray and Picasso. What attracted me was the title of the book, and the idea that this great artist kept a scrapbook of ephemera and photographs during his life, which was a fascinating one. If you are interested in that period in art history it is well worth the read. It certainly filled in some gaps in my education!

Things have been quiet in the studio, but I am doing the Miller’s Park Art Fair at Chautauqua this weekend, so I’ll be puttering around up there later. Also I am starting a big new project, which I’ll post more about soon, a book to go to an exhibition, “Library of Mirrors” at the Bookartbookshop in London in September. The idea is to “copy” a book that inspires you, can you guess what I’ll be making? If I tell you it is called preservation will that help? Stay tuned for answers!!!

7 thoughts on “fall cleaning

    • hey! IDK what happened to July, one minute it was there, then it was gone… bah! Almost time to go back to school already.

  1. wow you are easy to guilt šŸ™‚
    love that you have so much going on…summer goes by fast and you sound like you are glad its on its way out. can’t wait to see your project and the book you pick…i’m clueless what that would be. am i bad? am i not paying attention?
    enjoy the art fair!

  2. Seems like you have been quite busy — and doing so many varied things. Good luck with the cleaning and hope things go well at the art fair.

    • well Seth, needs must, all that running around and cleaning so I can be ready for a busy weekend and then back to school so soon!

  3. I came to your blog by way of comments you left on “Weaver of Grass” about living in a tourist area. Mr. B and I used to live in Cooperstown, NY were it gets crazy in the summer. I would love to attend things at Chautauqua Institution if I ever had the money to indulge myself with classes.

    Your blog looks full of ideas and I will make a note of your address and come back when I can spend more time. I should be packing for our move from Virginia to Connecticut. My craft room is sitting in boxes waiting there for me to get it all set up. Maybe I can at last have space for my loom, sewing machine and painting supplies, all in the same room at the same time! I am dying to try some collages with paint and fabric. My weavings were nearly collages and I liked to put in weeds, feathers and sticks. Now I want to put it all together and I see lots of inspiration in your blog.

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