out & about and new ceramics work

It has been a tad busy around here lately! 6 week grades are due at the college where I teach next week, so my life has been a flurry of grading and exams. I love teaching but I dislike the grading part of my job. It is so hard to be objective about such a subjective subject!! Head over to my teaching blog to see some examples of my students latest work! I have some really talented hard-working students this semester which totally makes my life a joy!!

Saturday I was out & about at Bonagany, St  Bonaventure’s friends and family weekend celebration. I didn’t sell a whole lot of work, but I did see some regular customers, and  sold a couple of those new books with the envelopes and mixed papers inside, actually to other artists friends. It’s such a compliment when other artists appreciate/value your work!!

In my ceramics class that I am taking I have been struggling with making my first slab project. I didn’t like the thickness of the slabs and thought the whole thing was looking clumsy and thick so I chopped it into a lot of little pieces and reassembled it. I am still not crazy about how it has turned out, and I am very afraid that it is not joined securely enough joined at the seams and will fall apart when fired. It is a little embarrassing to see how fabulously the other students work is when you are on the faculty!! I have to keep reminding myself that it is OK to be a beginner! So here is a glimpse of that project, wet and mostly finished, it will need some sanding when dry to really bring out the text. Don’t ask me what it is, I’m making it all up as I go along!!

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