paper swap – vintage – woot!!

This month’s paper swap was for vintage paper, so of course I was absolutely in with both feet. I was paired with Joanna in Poland this month, you can visit her blog here. It’s all in Polish, but I have been reading it by using two different translators and comparing the often hilarious results, so I can at least get the general idea of what she is saying!! My envelope arrived earlier in the week, but because they are such a treat I waited until today to open it… and here’s a peek at what was inside and all the lovely stamps that were on the envelope itself!!

3 thoughts on “paper swap – vintage – woot!!

  1. What a great collection of materials from your vintage swap!! Very cool. And thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Sedona was beautiful – and all of the vortex areas are said to be magical!! Great place to visit.

    • Jill thanks for your return visit, hope you are feeling well? I think about you everyday as your card swap picture is right by the computer “dream & fly forever”. My daughter loved it too much to let me work with it!!

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