It was a beautiful Autumn weekend here in Upstate New York and I spent some R&R time hanging out with the family, and made some fun discoveries. On Saturday afternoon the baby and I were feeling at a bit of a loose end. We decided to head to the village of Lakewood, which is literally 5 minutes from where we live. It has some adorable shops that we drive by and never have time to stop at, so we stopped! We visited the great independent book store, Off The Beaten Path, and stocked up on some light reading, then wandered up from the lake. We stopped next into A Page in Time, a scrapbooking supply store, where I discovered they have a lending library of paper arts related books… so YES! I had to borrow one!! I took out Altered Books , Collaborative Journals and other adventures in Bookmaking. Because I am only borrowing it I am making some samplers of pages I like, so I will have them as a reference later when I take the book back.  I’ll post some picture when I have completed a few more.

Sunday the oldest was home from college with a cute friend in tow. We relaxed on the porch with some friends and wine, then had a traditional Sunday Roast before they headed back to the grind of their senior collections. Then the baby and I gathered up some of her friend sand headed out to Allegheny State Park to sleep over. We stayed in the Willis Creek Lean-to and it was so relaxing, rustling trees, hooting owls and the creek rushing by. When the morning came we were reluctant to leave… and while I was busy relaxing my fabulous hubby spent his night slaving away on my studio… awww how sweet it is to be loved 🙂

Yesterday I spent the day at a faculty development day then came home and played a little in the studio, but tomorrow it is back to real life, lecturing on Greek statuary and two critiques in my Studio classes, but then, wow! It will be the weekend all over again 🙂 As they say – Life is Good!

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