mitten update

The ceramic mitten is coming along. As I am working on it I am trying to figure out why I am drawn to projects that are tedious and intricate… what is it about this kind of endless repetition that always appeals to me when I being a new project? I don’t know…

carving the texture of the knitting has made me realize I need new glasses… maybe I can get my head checked too while I am there and get some answers!!

I haven’t posted about what I am reading lately, although rest assured I always am reading something… last night I read the whole of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell in one sitting. Absolutely fascinating…

OK I’m off to post about my students on my other blog before I completely run out of steam… have a great afternoon.

6 thoughts on “mitten update

  1. Enjoying the variety of your content. Where did the ceramic mitten come from – have I missed something along the way? Admire how you have so many things on the go.

  2. Lesley, the ceramic mitten is an autobiographical piece about my childhood, flip back a couple of entries and you’ll find the post!! Thanks for stopping by… actually everything is all stop right now as I have bronchitis and am having a hard time just breathing let alone doing anything else. Essential activities and sleep only!

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