glaze firing

so, its been a long silence here… teaching has really been consuming most of my energy, I have been developing some new classes, more about those some other time, and busy making and selling many many new books. Its been a pretty profitable holiday season for me, which means we can eat in January when there will not be any college paycheck coming in!! I manged to struggle through the ceramics class and my work is all out of the glaze firing, so ta-da!! here it is

I’m pleased with how they turned out! I don’t think any ceramics masters have too much to worry about, but I think they are not too shabby after all!

on a different note, here are some great new additions to my personal collection

from left, small pot by Bethany Bjork (a former student), red vase by Paula, blue fish by Pat Eckstrom, fabulous photo by Jennifer Schlick and turned burl bowl by Terry!!

and one last newcomer, this fabulous bowl by Anne Mormile

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