my first attempt using the instructions from the link

My friend Jen over at Winter woman thought she would bring this link to my attention… now in all fairness Jen often sends me useful and informative links, you know to lectures on TED and great new teaching/techie types of things, and I am sure she was just being helpful when she sent this… but I know it will end badly, unsatisfied with my first attempt I am now busily wasting time trying to make a better recycled paper flower. As Jen works at Audubon where they have a homemade for the holidays celebration every year I can’t help but be a little suspicious that this was her ultimate intention!! For those who don’t read me often enough to know, this is my natural British sarcasm. I am having a blast trying to make these flowers!!

my second attempt, I made the spiral wavy!


Also I have been dredging my memory for this great ornament we used to make from old Christmas cards when I was a kid. I think I have finally figured it out, so I am expecting to have a very recycled Christmas this year!!

Now if I can only figure out those little folded prayer stars…  hmmm

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