a quick plug

As regular readers know my oldest daughter is a senior fashion design major at Kent State in Ohio. This semester the seniors will present selections from their senior lines at a school sponsored show for the industry, family & friends. This years seniors are also opting to out on their own show also, where they will be able to show their entire lines. They have a location, a DJ sound lights etc, but are looking for sponsorship to offset the cost of printing… if you would be interested in making a donation of any size, please contact me!! If you are interested in learning more, they just started a blog here. And if you live in the area, go and support them on the day of the event! We can even meet in person maybe, because you know I will be there! I am proud of these guys for taking on this huge task in addition to the creation of their lines, and their regular course work. I think it shows the kind of determination and initiative they will need to survive in the creative industry the are heading to!! Love all you Kent State Fashion peeps!!

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