Leeds International Book Fair & an opening

I decided I needed some minions to help with all the work for this installation so here are some members of JCC”s art club spending their Saturday creating!

After we were done playing… I mean working we headed over to the gallery for the opening of this show. Here is a link to Nathan’s website. I couldn’t find a site for Dan…

The highlight of the evening was a toss up between the amazing band who totally rocked! and all the amazing people I run into at these things… you all know who you are! What a great night.

Today has been a day of admin busywork, but I am hoping to put the finishing touches on those projects for the CCAC  juror’s show after dinner tonight. Hope you  are having a great, and less snowy than me, day!!

2 thoughts on “Leeds International Book Fair & an opening

    • yep! minions rock!! no seriously it is a win-win, they get an international exhibition credit for their resume and I get my project finished on time!!

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