So first… a shout out to Seth at at The Altered Page for his on going commitment to all of us out here. This Sunday I was one of the artists featured in the collections… for more info check out the post on his blog here.

And here is a great article about my mentoring project, which fills in much of the background I hope. I am so excited to be a part of this whole year, and the energy at Saturday’s meeting was truly marvellous.

This Friday is the opening for the Juror’s choice show, I still need to drive out an install the last work, I am hoping Thursday afternoon after classes!

Oh and last but not least I am teaching a series of fun lectures this month at at Infinity on art as revolution, if you live near by and are free on Wednesday lunchtimes (12:30) drop on by, walk-ins are welcome!!

My youngest daughter has been unwell with undiagnosed headaches, so we are on a round of specialists trying to get her some relief. All of which is casting a wrench into my already crazy schedule, those of you who believe in such things and would like to pray, all prayers gratefully accepted. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “busy!

  1. Wow, you’ve really been busy. Just finished checking out all of your links. Each one sounds fascinating- especially your role as a mentor in that program!! Will send out unending prayers for your daughter for everything to be well and wishing you post valentines day hearts and hugs! Jill

  2. Busy is right. The SAVI program sounds like it will provide such an amazing service. You must be very excited to be part of it. Sending congrats on the exhibit and sending thoughts for your daughter.

  3. The prayers are working…thank you all. And thanks to all my readers for your support, it means the most when life is most difficult. You all rock!

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