want to share a secret?

Here’s a first peek at those secret garden books

I am having so much fun with them… this is the front cover, inside & out and the fly leaf page of the first book, Colin, more characters to follow. I’ll be taking them to the small press book fair next month if anyone wants to see them in person. And of course they will be for sale, just in case you want to make one your own.

Off to have coffee, then on to lecture at Infinity today on my favorite topic, mad women & immoral wallpaper! Yea! Arts & Crafts movement!!

8 thoughts on “want to share a secret?

    • well mostly because I am paying three lots of college tuition and repaying my own student loans right now!! But I take that to mean that you like it? I am pleased with how they are coming out, just wish I could squeeze in a bit more time in the studio!

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