surprises in the post

It’s been an unproductive week, full of six week grading and doctors appointments. I have a slew of half bound books on my bench and there is the most tantalizing windblown branch buried too deeply in the snow outside to retrieve right now.

I went up to the studio today, but ended up puttering aimlessly, am just overloaded and cannot settle. Worn to a raveling and no more twist Simpkin.

So it was fortunate that my post delivered an amazing gift, “A Blighted Life: A True Story” by Rosina Bulwer Lytton. This is a modern reprint of the original text, I am so thrilled to have it, and yet, simultaneously guilty, for in all my busyness and money making I have left my poor mad women much neglected, never forgotten, but definitely pushed aside for more profitable enterprises.  There is so much work  building up inside of me, already a dozen new ideas are surfacing as I read. Maybe this is the impetus I need to get going again. So many thanks, dear sender, what a treasure.

2 thoughts on “surprises in the post

  1. Life’s surprises always seem to bring a special meaning to us. This surely was a sign for you and what a super picture!! Gather up your energies and just pick ONE thing that you want to accomplish. That is more than enough to start on- one thing at a time!! hugs

  2. Jilly,, how right you are, I am trying today to just do one thing at a time and whittle away at my list of must do things… so I can move on to some of those want to do things!

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