and yet more secrets

With this Saturday’s book fair I am still on my secret garden book roll. Here are a couple more choices.

OK actually this is just a cover right now, but it will have pages by the end of the day. The felting came from LaWendula in one of my swaps last year. It has been sitting in a basket on my bench for months, then recently I received that dark silk flower, and once I started making the garden inspired books, well they just seemed like they belonged together, so add a few beads & buttons, and I love it! Not my usual palette, but maybe the thaw outside is inspiring me to think Spring!

This next one is much more my usual style, no pink here!

Well, a busy day as usual here, off to lecture at Infinity at lunchtime, then I have an exam to write and some reports for my department chair. I am also hoping to get into the studio for a bit, as I still need more work to take to the Small Press Book Fair on Saturday.

And one last thing, thanks for all your kind thoughts and well wishes, the little sick one has been quite well all this week! Yea!

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