SWAN Day a success

A few months ago I thought it would be a wonderful idea to host a SWAN day event at Infinity where I teach. Then my life got totally derailed by sick kids and ensuing craziness, and all week I have been dreading the event because I knew I had really dropped the ball. To compound this sense of impending doom, the local press interviewed me on Wednesday about the event, which I was afraid would raise expectations beyond my ability to deliver. So I set out yesterday morning bright and early with great trepidation not sure what would happen… and what happened was the kind of miracle only a great community can deliver.

Women artists showed up with their wares, their gorgeous art, and young artists from the community showed up with their beautiful work, and then the community showed up to support us. I think that everyone involved had an amazing, positive day. I know I had a really incredible, soul restoring kind of day, and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone, the artists, Infinity and their staff, and our community for supporting women artists now! I know that I truly appreciated it, and it was a vital shot in the arm to my lagging creative spirits.

I feel resuscitated by the energy and I  am excited to get back to work in the studio again. So here are some images from what I know is going to grow into an amazing annual event.


2 thoughts on “SWAN Day a success

  1. Don’t you love when all of the stars are aligned just perfectly? Well, I’m sure that being it was your special and wonderful event didn’t hurt! Looks like a terrific time was had by all and so glad it was successful on so many different levels!! 🙂

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