not very true colour, but you get the idea

My undergraduate degree is in painting, even though I hardly painted anything my senior year having realized belatedly that I enjoyed three dimensional work much more. I haven’t really painted much at all since then, a little plein aire and that’s about it. I really liked painting but I found the things I needed to say wouldn’t fit neatly on a canvas and truth be told every time I smell oil paint or linseed it makes me long for the buttery sensation of paint.

And why you are wondering am I suddenly sharing this? Well recently I was asked if I would like to participate in a new art walk the Chautauqua County Arts Council is putting together. Called the 3rd Street Canvas project, it showcases not local visual art but the written word. And a few local artists were invited to play along with the poets and writers by providing some visuals, sort of illustrations I guess. We were invited to select a piece of writing and create an image to go along with the words.

Hanging around in the back of my studio was a partly finished canvas that I abandoned my senior year, so it has been waiting patiently for inspiration for a while. A few months ago I got as far as digging it out and putting it on an easel where I could see it from my bench, but nothing was really springing to mind. Then I was up there (in the studio) reading my “words” and tada! one of those light bulb moments – I think I was attracted to this piece of writing because my subconscious knew (thank goodness) that this was just the impetus that poor neglected canvas needed. I wish I had thought to take a picture before I started in on it, but here’s where we are right now.

Obviously it is unfinished, but heading in the right direction. Also I am sure someone has noticed that there is a lot of collage going on, actually all the paper was already on there, I sanded a lot of it off. But I am having a whale of a time with my paint brushes for a change!

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  1. Deb! I’ve only just found your new site! Had to stop by to let you know that you were one of the winners of my bloggerversary draw and ask if you’ve received the book I sent several weeks ago. So much here to catch up on, it’s wonderful!

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