a bit of what you love

The rain is getting me down, it is cold and grey and horrid! You would think an English girl would be used to it, but I want sun flooding through the studio windows, I am tired of listening to the incessant patter of rain on the roof and the wind howling about my precious domain! I escaped downstairs to the computer to wander a while in the land of blog looking for solace. I found some here at this wonderful blog. So in an effort to cheer myself up I am making a list, what do I love?

Well this is easy… paper swaps, Saturday I received two paper swaps in the post, which leaves me with four I need to mention altogether! The wonderful things never cease to amaze and inspire me and it was just what I needed to bring a bit of spring into the studio, colourful scraps from all over! And paper, yes I love love love paper. So here they are my little gems

treasure hunt swap from Stuttgart

From Beth in South Africa, amazing textures

this month's mini swap, one small envelope STUFFED full of wonder

and last but not least a huge thank you to cynkowe poletko for sending not only fabulous paper but also an amazing and inspirational book in my swap. The universe is truly a place of many luxuries, and artists are super generous ambassadors!

so many wonders

fabulous little book full of surprises

I am off now to make dinner for my family and spend some time eating  jelly beans and giving thanks for the splendors of my life. Hope you are all having a great day to.

2 thoughts on “a bit of what you love

    • I am so in love with it and so inspired by the use of material and concept of the construction! Busy working up a storm 🙂

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