lost in a sea of paper

So, as usual I have been MIA again, it is just that time of the year, the essays I so foolishly assigned have to be marked and remarked and exams have to be written, portfolios reviewed etc. It just takes up a lot of my time. And many things have been happening, but where to begin? I have been at work in the studio a little just to maintain my sanity, but there’s not much of anything there to discuss so let’s talk instead about other artists.

First, I took a really quick round trip up to Kent last week in between many other things to see the alternative fashion show put on by the students, one of whom is of course my oldest daughter Chelsea. Here are a couple of pictures

and this model is extra special because it is her little sister Ashley

if you want to see more click this link to see the whole facebook album!!

I also went to the opening of the Third Street Canvas Urban Literary Trail, which was well attended, and by chance I happened to meet “my” poet – Ian Eastman, there was a big turn out for the ribbon cutting despite the nasty cold damp weather. Here is a picture of us all bundled up in front of our work, which can be seen in Cooper’s window downtown until August

The students and I got one sunny day to go out and play at being Andy Goldsworthy, more to follow on that, and last but not least, my good friend Jennifer had her very first art opening at the Prendergast Gallery on Friday. Her show looks fabulous and I hope any reader who lives close enough to take a look will!!

Well I think that’s enough news for one night, more posts to (hopefully) follow this week about the general insanity that is my life, best & blessings to all of you, hope the sun is shining for you!

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