So the winner of the giveaway was Janet Keen. I hope you enjoy the package when it arrives!

I am a winner too this week. Work in the studio is humming along and everything seems to be spinning off multiple new ideas, a really productive season full of inspiration, maybe it is just the sun finally streaming in through the windows. Hopefully I will have a visual update available for you soon. In the meantime, pardon my absence!

2 thoughts on “winner!

  1. How exciting I havent won anything for ages.
    I have been doing affirmations and vision boards and meditating about winning a large sum of money to go to the States.

    Regards janet keen

  2. That’s wonderful that Janet won and even better that you feel like a winner with lots of energy now. Yes, the sun shining outside certainly doesn’t hurt in terms of motivation!! I do like Janet’s thoughts on the motivation board! Think i will update mine very soon! Have a super holiday weekend filled with all the things that make you smile!

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