Palm Leaf Book Mantra

I’ve been posting most of my new books over at tumblr, but today I finished up this little palm leaf style book. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages, but couldn’t figure out what to do with the form. Then the great folks at Allegany library donated by way of CCAC a whole box full of discarded cards from the old card catalogue, so now the pressure was on, a form I wanted to make and a box full of cards to make it with! Then I had a brain storm, what if I made a little book that served as a mantra reminder. Right now I am working with “It is good to be alive” to remind me to be here now glorying in the moment, to count my blessings, to remember that just to be is one of them! So here’s the result. The book itself could use some more work, I didn’t get the chords completely even, and I just used scraps from the bench for the decoupage, so nothing too stunning there. Of course I didn’t PLAN where the holes would be! I tried stamping and hand lettering for the mantra pages, I am not happy with how they all turned out, but – it is good to be alive – so I am running with it!

7 thoughts on “Palm Leaf Book Mantra

    • thanks Seth, as I said there are things I would like to change/fix, but I think that’s always the case when you learn a new binding. I think the stitching is always one of my favorite parts, but it is labor intensive and puts the price up, so the customers don’t always feel the same way!!

  1. I just saw this book at Art in the Woods and can’t wait to make my own version. Thank you for sooooo many great ideas!

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