summer rain

It rained last night, violently and unexpectedly. My laundry was out on the line. Normally I would have run out to bring it in, because, well and here’s the thing, some part of me would feel it was slovenly to leave it there, but as my son pointed out, it was already thoroughly wet, so what was the point? So I did leave it. I had just told the kids ( I can call them that even if they are mostly grown) we would run to the store, I wanted to wait until the rain stopped, but again my son was being particularly wise and pointed out it wouldn’t be raining IN the store, and he offered to drive, so we got soaked running out to the driveway, and drove joyfully to the store where we got soaked again running in! By the time we came out the rain had stopped altogether, but it was fun, running in the rain with them, I was glad I let them talk me into it. Sometimes I can be such a mum (boring!). When I got home I just couldn’t settle down to anything. The last few days I have diligently gone to the studio, but everything I have touched has imploded somehow, glue in the wrong place, a paper upside down, thread in a knotty tangle. So I decided to deadhead my flowers and take some pictures of my lush green garden. So no art today except from nature, I hope you enjoy a quick glimpse of my garden world, ignore the weeds, I do!

6 thoughts on “summer rain

  1. thanks for sharing the views of your lovely garden. I find that dead-heading my flowers is a great way to relieve stress and take a break, particularly when things aren’t going well in the studio. I hope you’re having a better day today. :~)

    • yes me too, only a few activities are really “flow” ones for me, weeding works, any kind of gardening thing.

  2. Your garden world is gorgeous!! Sometimes, when our days seem to go awry, I know it’s for a reason- and despite the fact that I get as frustrated as the next- I hope it means that somehow, I’m getting inspired in other ways that at a later time, and that I will emerge with even more fabulous art!! 🙂

    • thanks Jilly, yes I am trying to let go, but I am such a capricorn, lists, schedules!! But I had fun with my kids, my son especially has a unique sense of humour and always makes me laugh! I love my garden, even if it doesn’t look like my neatly manicured neighbor’s gardens.

    • thanks, I love to play out in the dirt, I am not terribly good at it and I don’t know the names of anything, but I find it really relaxing!

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