studio update

I’ve been on a cleaning/reorganizing binge, trying to make my work space WORK for me! . I am enjoying summer gently unfolding and find myself in a strange and joyful place, despite being rejected yet again by the Southern Tier Biennial’s judges. I feel drawn to my paper and egg shells and so am content to remain with them a while despite lack of critical response. The big projects are slowly emerging, andI am busy as usual turning trash into book treasures in readiness for the few local festivals that support me through the summer months.  In the meantime I leave you with a couple of fun page meditations and two adorable new recycled books

4 thoughts on “studio update

  1. huge fan of the page meditations. and i need one of those gs cookie journals to send to emily. and i, too, was rejected from stb. but lynn got in and i put the opening on my calendar for september. any excuse for a party!

    • come on over for the cookie journal. These page meditations turned out much more picture-y than usual. I kind of like them.


    thank you for your kind remarks, it brought me out to check your blog. I love the eggshells with the news paper print, somewhat poetic and lots of potential, Petrus

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