art in the wild

Where has Deb been? All this week in addition to being in the studio I am teaching an Andy Goldsworthy style installation class at Jamestown Audubon. I took pictures, but my friend Jen also took pictures and hers are MUCH better so here’s a link. Those of you who are regular visitors know this is my absolute favorite thing to teach, playing in the woods is so much fun, every grown up should do it once a week. I think you can tell from the pictures that everyone is just having a fabulous time, including me. The picture above was our first attempt at a Goldsworthy style egg/seed form. It is a bit wonky and not too symmetrical, but we learned so much making it we are going to give it another shot tonight! Things are chugging along in the studio, still not much I can share, nothing in progress is at a very interesting stage, so I leave you with another secret Belgium binding that I made. I LOVE this paper! If you want to try making one, the directions are online here. Well back to work, I hope you are having a wonderful day, it is breezy and cooler and marvelous here!

2 thoughts on “art in the wild

  1. Looks like tons of fun. Never heard of this before. Tried the link but not able to connect to see the other pictures. Thanks so much for the secret belgium binding which is no longer a secret!! 🙂 Hope one day to try it when I have lots of time and patience!! Thanks so much!

    • Jilly, I fixed the link, not sure what I did the first time! So now I hope you can see the pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

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