salon des refuses

This is such a brilliant idea to deal with the rejection from a major local juried competition – I wish I was so clever and creative! Click the link to see works rejected from this year’s Southern Tier Biennial, wish I could find us a gallery in real space too! It would be a riot!! Long live the rejects, and of course congratulations to all who actually made this years show, looking forward to the opening!

3 thoughts on “salon des refuses

  1. OMG- what a riot. Just love that “rejected works” site! Always remember that many of the great masters of all time had their artwork rejected and unfortunately, many were bankrupt and died penniless. But- let’s also remember they didn’t live in the 21st century, there was no such thing as computers and the only way people could see their work was in person- and their works were judged by just a few in power. Perhaps the works that were rejected for this exhibition will be accepted in a more prominent venue or will be showcased in a better way for your career!! And I’m not familiar with this exhibit- but is it possible that that they were overwhelmed with super submissions so that even great ones couldn’t be accepted because of volume? Just some thoughts. Always remember that you are the real judge of your work! Well, and of course me and I think it’s great! 🙂

  2. Jilly, yes it is a very important local competition, which added a whole new geographical area this year, and I believe there were a great many submissions, and I also know that this piece is not the strongest thing I have ever made. I am a little disappointed not to make the cut, as the winner gets a prestigious solo show with a catalog, but I was also not that surprised to be not chosen. I like the idea of celebrating that tho, I think its a hoot! Thanks for being such a great supportive “friend”

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