buried treasure?

Looking back over my posts this year for Seth’s buried treasure hunt “re-post” I see a pattern. I have been really struggling this year, a lot of new work is beginning… so I chose this post about my thought process, and the women’s voices from the past that are my inspiration. It has been such a joy filled year for me, but I see that is not reflected in my blog, in fact my posts have been thin on the ground. Maybe like bamboo I have just been growing under the surface and something really amazing is about to spring up from the roots, that only look dead from the surface. Yes a year so far of quiet growth, and new work just hatching. Thanks for stopping by.

Be sure to go to Seth’s blog and check out all the links. I know there will be nuggets of inspiration for all. And as always thanks to Seth for masterminding another great way to get to know each other.

4 thoughts on “buried treasure?

  1. What a wonderful post that you’ve selected Deb. So honest and true to heart, I love the way you’ve described your thoughts and feelings like no other. And though a painful theme and hard period to go through, telling your story is so connecting to others- and after all- isn’t that so much of what art is about?
    So glad you are participating in Seth’s Buried Treasure. This blog post of yours is one blog post that should never be buried! It’s beautiful. xo

  2. Your Paul Klee quote was dead on. I am slowly coming to that. It has taken me most of mylife to see that I really do need to create.
    Thanks for sharing such an honest, thoughtfulpost.
    Love your artwork by the way!
    thanks for stopping by as well.

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