a boxed in butterfly

Here is the final piece for the abstract show at the Portage Hill Gallery. The opening is August 13th from 7-9. This was one of those pieces that came together after some things went wrong. I loved this big branch, but the shadow box I built for it began to bow out, as the sides were so tall, once I started to collage on them. So I decided to add the grommets, raffia, beads and bones to the front to bring it back to squarish, and hopefully any remaining distortion looks deliberate now, not accidental. Then as I was getting ready to assemble it I broke one of the smaller branches, I really needed it intact, so I glued it together then wrapped it with two different colours of papyrus and some turquoise-y cotton thread strung with tiny beads. I liked the way it looked so I added a few more branch wraps, basically again to cover my mistake! I love the blue eggshells, lined with a white mulberry or white lace paper, I think they look ephemeral and delicate. This was just much easier for me, I am at home in this colour palette and the elements were easy to tie together when I wasn’t fighting with colour too.

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3 thoughts on “a boxed in butterfly

  1. This is so creative and unique! Love how the branches, eggshells and box work so well together! And really like how the branches and twine wrappings fall outside the box. Are those real egg shells? If so, they must be from jumbo gigantic eggs. The butterfly inside with its lines and blues against the writing is just perfect. Wish I could be there to see the show- but so glad I get to see these pictures!!

  2. Jilly yes real eggshells! Out here on the edges of the world I know lots of people who keep hens, so my eggs are colourful and all different sizes!! Thanks for stopping by so regularly lately, I appreciate the encouragement 🙂

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