last first day of school & other news

Today is my baby’s last, first day of school, the beginning of her senior year in high school (actually only half a year, she graduates in January). We always take a picture on the first day, now there is only her left – Here she is looking slim and lovely as she heads out the door

And so on to other news… of which there is very little. I have finally delivered the new installation and hope to work setting it up tomorrow, so maybe I will have some pictures by then.

I sold one of my little egg pieces during the Portage Hill Gallery’s abstraction show and when I went to pick up the other works, Audrey asked me if I had seen the review for the members show at Chautauqua back in August, I hadn’t but fortunately I found it online here. I know I didn’t post any images of this piece so I am including one now. Despite that friendly review it didn’t sell, oh well!

Lastly in studio news I met the lovely Anne through one of LaWendula’s paper swaps. she is my Atlantic twin an American living in the UK, while I am a Brit living in the USA!! I will try and post a picture later in the week of the pretty envelope of things I received in my swap! If you want to play to, head over to the new paper swap blog and sign up for Octobers swap or the treasure box that will be heading out shortly. I know I probably say this every time, but these swaps bring so much visual life into my studio and it is like a little holiday every month as they arrive.


And school continues, my classes are all engaged and working hard, but I seem to be running behind this term already struggling to keep up. I am hoping that autumn will settle me back into a routine with some grace!

4 thoughts on “last first day of school & other news

  1. What a stunning daughter you have! You must be so proud of her. Love your egg assemblage- just great- and you’ve been so busy these days. Super congrats on your sale! Lucky you for your swap as well!! Didn’t know you were a Brit! Who knew?? 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork! xo

  2. Jilly, I am proud of all my kids! She is a very poised young woman, I am sure she has a fabulous future ahead of her. She just got a part in her first movie and is very excited!!
    As to being busy, I think a little too much! I am hoping that things will settle down into a much less frenetic pace here as everyone gets into their new school routines. I find structure really helps me get all my work done in a timely way!
    Thanks as always for stopping by 🙂

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