book art & Utopias

My facebook friends are always sharing inspiration with me, and I wanted to pass this one on to all of you as the work is so wonderful. I am feeling inspired to start a guerrilla book art project of my own!!

On the home front or should I say studio front I am still wrestling with the installation of the new utopia work at the Week’s Gallery. It is close but not quite there. I have another sneak peak to share with you, but I can’t wait to get a real photographer in there to take a good picture to share once it is completely installed and beautifully lit!!

Lastly, this is day late but Seth over at the altered page put out a call for images of our paper stacks, so here is a stack of cast paper from the installation waiting to be sewn into walls in my studio. I am using the fact that my hard drive crashed on my desktop and left me computer-less for a few days as my excuse (not a good excuse but…)

PS. Check out LaWendula’s post about the One Tribe One He(art) bags which are still hanging in there in their tree in Germany! How amazing is that!! Check out her post here

:: Life without utopia is suffocating, for the multitude at least: threatened otherwise with petrifaction, the world must have a new madness:: E.M. CIORAN, History and Utopia

14 thoughts on “book art & Utopias

    • well thanks Seth – after working on something for so long it is really exciting to see your big vision out of one’s head and suddenly material in the gallery! I can’t wait till I can show off the whole thing!!

  1. I have made handmade paper before, but never anything as gorgeous as yours. I’m fascinated by that installation and I can’t say it enough: I love your stack of cast papers. Sorry I’m late getting here. I’m still trying to get through the very long list of stackers!

    • OH I haven’t even started in on the list of stackers yet so you are way ahead of me, I am using it as a bribe to stay on top of my marking for mid term grades for my classes, mark a few papers, read some blogs 🙂

    • Sure, I think I wrote a post about it on my teaching blog. I adapted it on a much larger scale from a book I read over the summer. Watch this space and I’ll post soon!!

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