two for joy

Joy comes to us from so many places, the expected: my wonderful patient husband who doesn’t always get why I do things but really deeply respects and understands that I must (what a blessing he is) , my really great kids, who are exasperating sometimes sure, but bring so much laughter to me and force me out of my shell and bring their friends home, the friends and colleagues I see in my daily life who support my crazy, creative life and lift me up when I am going under, and from books (oh so much JOY there! – both reading and making), and the unexpected: in my inbox the link to an interview with Lisa Sonora Beam, whose book the creative entrepreneur subtly changed something inside of me and made it OK to make art pay, to this post on the Brave Girls blog (I get their daily update, do you?) which reminds me that I am not alone, rebuilding my house.

So here’s page two of the altered board book – two for joy (some versions say two for mirth, but I didn’t want to deal with 4 for death so opted for the friendlier two for joy – and 4 for as boy – but I get ahead of myself as usual)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. After I wrote this I emailed Lisa Sonora Beam to tell her how much I loved the book and video interview, and she emailed me back! Can I tell you how thrilled I was?! The creative world is so generous!!

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