inspiration and a “secret” tag book

The CCAC is holding a fundraising 6×6 sale, I made several entries but I was so pleased with how this one turned out that I am going to share it, because most of the buyers will not be reading the blog before then! I’ve been on a flag book kick just lately they are so much fun to make. This one features one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems “hope is a thing with feathers”. The tea dying on the spine of the book has these beautiful spots on it (from bubbles I am assuming).

This was so much fun, I want to make another!!

Today my class was doing research in the library – so I was browsing the art magazines between queries and found so much inspiration check out my pinterest board!  (And let’s not even talk about the addictive possibilities of pinterest).

Looking forward to a little studio time tonight, Ashley’s boyfriend is over keeping her company so I feel like it is OK for me to have a little fun.

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