books, books, books

Back to functional books for a bit – trying to decide if I have time for some holiday sales. Anyhow, here are some scrap jotter/journals, I love making these, I get to play with textured chords and beads!! The inside pages are post-press scrap from a local printer, the outsides bits and bobs of papery stuff from the studio over recycled board covers. Recycling rocks!!


4 thoughts on “books, books, books

    • I do have an etsy shop, but I haven’t been using it – I was thinking about listing some for the holidays, I’ll consider this a sign from the heavens to go ahead and do that!!

  1. recycling does rock and so do your books! i love them! and i agree — you should sell them. they’re gorgeous!

    also, i’ve been trying to email you for a couple of weeks in response to your lovely comments on my blog. for some reason they keep being returned. seven of them so far either delayed or failed permanently. the link to the error says this, in case you didn’t know you’re having issues:

    This error message indicates that we’ve attempted to make a connection with your recipient’s server but didn’t receive a reply. Some possible causes include the following:

    The other domain1 doesn’t have up-to-date MX records or is otherwise misconfigured.
    The other domain is blacklisting or graylisting messages from Gmail.
    The other domain is experiencing temporary networking problems.

    We recommend contacting the customer service department of the recipient’s domain for further instructions. If you receive this bounce message when sending to your Google Apps domain, please see our instructions for configuring your MX records.

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