So I have been starting posts that don’t make it here, life has been unpredictable and rather stressful for the last month. My daughter is slowly recovering from her fall, but it is a long slow process and she is an active 17 year old who is frustrated by being stuck in bed. It has interrupted the rhythm of our lives. On the plus side I have been able to make excuses and spend lots of quality time hanging out with her. It has also made me realize that despite the fact I keep weeding commitments out of my life I am still over committed and not spending my time on the things that will move me forward. I need to do better.

I have manged to get in a little studio time, but honestly as the end of term approaches I find most of my available time taken up by my students, lots of research papers to grade for my art history classes (and exams to set), and portfolios to evaluate for my studio classes. It is bittersweet to reach the end of another term, just as the students start to get comfortable with each other and we are communicating well it is over and a whole new dynamic will take almost another term to grow. I know I will have many of my 2D design students in 3D next term so that consoles me a little! I have also taught a couple of workshops, which is always fun for me, I am continually surprised to find how much I love teaching!! Here’s a few pictures I managed to get in before I killed my camera yesterday by dropping it lens down – sigh!

two proud workshop participants with their fabric scrap journals!!

I’ll be at this holiday sale this weekend. Stop in and see me – mention the blog and I’ll give you a 10% discount on a single item.Hope I will see some of you there. I’ll be posting any “leftovers” in my etsy shop when I get home so don’t despair if I am too far away!!

3 thoughts on “hmmmm

  1. Hope things at home continue to improve. What a great shot of your two students. Hope you had a successful holiday sale. I’ve been so busy these days at work and at home- so glad to finally stop by to see your post! So sorry to hear about your camera. Mine has permanent spots inside the lens. I must have done something to it!
    Happiest of holidays to you!!

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