Stockholm 101 – Occupy(ied in) Suburbia

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all got to ring in the new year with someone you love. I am so excited to be heading into a busy new year filled with so many projects and opportunities.

Thanks to my great friend Jennifer I have some amazing pictures of the Stockholm project to share with you. My idea for this project was to make a more personal piece than is usual for me, I prefer to be at a bit of a remove from the subject of my work as a rule.I was interested in making something that spoke to the life of middle class America, struggling to keep up as we fall slowly behind-  life in the suburbs as it is lived by me, now.

This new work will consist of 24 2×2 inch cubes made from net curtains (sheers). I choose net curtain because to me it is so emblematic of life in the suburbs, it conceals the reality and difference of the individuals living in each house behind a thin veil of respectability, lightly starched, clean net curtains. Each cube will contain a tiny 2×2 inch cube book created from the paper ephemera of my life, junk mail, shopping lists, bills, college applications, studio notes, lecture notes, packaging from products I use, you get the idea. Some of the paper has been laminated, sewn or modified, but much of it is in its original condition. I don’t have an images of the net cubes yet, but here are a few images of the little books, which take a surprising amount of time to create!!

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4 thoughts on “Stockholm 101 – Occupy(ied in) Suburbia

  1. What an amazing project! How creative and talented and always energizing all of your ideas are. Great pics!! Happy happy new year and all the very best for a super year! xxxoo hugs Jilly

  2. ladies thanks for your positive reviews! I can’t take any credit for the photos, I am just glad I have friends who are better with a camera than i!! Happy new year to you both!!

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