6 thoughts on “tiny little boxes

  1. ps. how did you get a slide show onto your blog. I can’t put any on my jafagirl blog? won’t accept flash and I need to replace the slide.com one’s soon as slide is shutting down.

  2. I think you love all of your labor intensive art projects because they are rewarding and deep down, a joy to make. THere must be something so satisfying when your gorgeous projects are completed – and knowing how much care and energy and detail you have put into them- they are really your labors of love!

  3. Thanks Deb for visiting my blog – and I am looking forward to finding a surprise in my letter box. Very generous of you too! Your 2 x 2 books look faantastic – wish I could feel the, they look so “touchable”, Good luck wwith all the little net bags – glad its you, not me!.

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