Filling the well

Thursday I took my students to meet this artist and see a preview of her work in the 3rd on 3rd Gallery. We don’t get a lot of video or installation in Jamestown, so for me it was a chance to talk with a kindred spirit. I went back with Jen for the opening Friday night. Of course this was my favorite piece – can you guess why I was so drawn to it?

Where has all the time gone? (26 years), 2004

I have been running flat out. Yesterday I came to a dead stop in the water. I went to the grocery store, and that was it. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is a short list of activity for me. I came home. I laid about. I watched a whole bunch of movies I had already seen at least once. I snuggled with my hubby. I didn’t plan, or scheme, I vegged.We ate pizza (delivered) for dinner, I poured a nice glass of scotch, I went to bed early.

Today I had to be up early as the little one was filming and I had to get her to the set. I thought I would be raring to go, but I seem to be stuck in park. So I made more coffee and I caught up on all the blogs I usually read and haven’t been keeping up with. I find it a bit amazing how all these people I don’t know have become a part of my life, how I miss them when I am too tied up with myself to keep up with their lives. I miss all the varied perspectives they bring to art, all the ways they work which reminds me mine is not the best or only way. So today I am going to post some links, because I am too tired to let you all inside my own mind, its a hornet’s nest in there right now.

This got me thinking about ideas themselves

This about which comes first art or idea

This blog always makes me think about process

This makes me want to go tactical again – a feeling that has been lurking for a while, so I think it is time

and lastly

This – images that haunt and inspire

I am off to the studio to bind some more little books, that’s all the creativity I think I can muster today.

1 thought on “Filling the well

  1. `Your abundant energy never ceases to amaze me. You seem to thrive on action! Best wishes for the Sweden trip. Look forward to hearing all about it. Brrrh cold!

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