sleepless in Stockholm

So here in Stockholm it is 5 am, snow is falling gently over the city, and I have been laying awake trying to sleep for hours – not happening, my body clock is still set on US time. I am enjoying my time here so far, later today after a shift in the booth I am going out to do a bit of proper sightseeing, and to visit some fabulous stationery shops where I know I will be buying some paper!!

Being here is a real eye opener. I realize that I am no longer hip (if I ever was)  – I am finding much of the work to be rather boring and repetitive. I am old fashioned, I value the presence of the artist’s hand. This is not to say that there is not some astonishing work here, but much of what I see looks like something I have seen before. I guess if you are going to be conceptual at least give me a new idea! By comparison with much of what I see my work looks totally uncool and not with it at all. I think I should be upset by that, but I find I am not.

I have had some really excellent conversations about my work with people today, and while most have not even given the piece half a glance, some have been interested. It is all good, perhaps it is the jet lag but I am oddly serene. What I do is what I do- it is OK.

I imagine I should try to get some sleep for a while. More adventures to follow.

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