more to love

It has been a very long day here in Stockholm. As regular readers know I am not always good at prolonged exposure to people – and I am worn out by all this networking! Today I was able to take a bit of a break and go do some sightseeing and shopping. There is an excellent paper shop here, so as you can imagine I was like a kid in a candy store!! But now I am missing my studio a bit and wish I was home at work there!

I have met some really great artists, so here are some of today’s favorites

THIS amazing collaborative project – I really like this idea – an archive of belongings that attempts to uncover a life. Interesting how objects define us – and of course my Victorian reformers would say well designed objects make a moral person!!

THIS artist who works with recycled materials 🙂 and has an awesome day job!!

And THIS artist whose work  may be my favorite thing in the whole show, recycled whimsy.


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