home again, home again

I am back! Wow that was a whirlwind – I need to decompress for a bit – but I have many thoughts and images left to share from my trip. For now I am happy just to be back in my studio, and back at work. Next up?  Tomorrow I am giving a brief talk about my trip to Sweden and the work I created for that trip as part of the Women Create salon series, then this weekend we finally begin working on the flag books for the installation – if you live nearby head over to the website to sign up for a spot – this is a FREE class! Then I need to really get cracking to finish up the book for “bound” so it arrives in Leeds in time for its debut! First though – an early night! My poor body is still stuck in between time zones and I am exhausted!!

4 thoughts on “home again, home again

  1. Welcome back Deb. You surely must be exhausted. Wanted to wish you good luck for tonight- i know it will a smashing success. Love the fag book concept and just looked at your link for the Women Create series. Can’t imagine how you made those 24 2by 2 cubess!!! Thinking of you! xo

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