Here’s my submission for Bound – an exhibit being organized by another one of my online Brit friends Louise Atkinson.  It is another adapted blackwork binding. This is the kind of project that makes me wish for more hours in the day – there’s so much time invested in this little book, hours of cutting & folding the signatures (thank heavens for Sheila my intern), then two straight hours just to punch the holes in each signature! Then the whole thing was tacked together with an invisible thread to keep the tension even, otherwise I find it quite hard to keep the pages evenly spaced, the book is long and gets kind of unwieldy on the bench!. Last but not least (after painstakingly drafting each pattern – which is equal parts fun and frustration) I get to do the really fun part – sewing the beautiful exposed binding. In this case it took sooooooo many hours, not even going to tell you – but believe me when I say A LOT!! Hope you agree that the finished project is stunning, elegant, but detailed. I am in love with these!!

I love how it curls!

7 thoughts on “Bound

  1. Beautiful and awe-inspiring, Deb, really. 🙂 I hate sewing (even book sewing) with the heat of a 100 suns, but dangit you’ve got me itching to stick needles in my fingertips.
    Well done!

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